Features for The Field

Documenting made Simple, Easy and Fast

Work Online / Offline

Your technicians can document an inspection anywhere, even if they're not connected to the internet.

Available for iOS and Android platforms

liftspec automotive lift inspection platform

Add Images & Markups

Adding images with annotations and comments to your report instantly makes it easier for your customer to visualize an issue. It also increases probability of taking action on repair vs. paper reports.

Take Signatures

Capture a single signature for all inspections within a facility. This eliminates repetitive signing. Signatures are also collected in real time with GPS/Time stamped.

liftspec add electronic signatures automotive lift inspection

Copy Inspections

Easily copy an entire inspection saving time and reducing errors.

Plan your drive.

Why plan your route in your head when you can see it on a map? Dispatched inspections can easily be viewed on a live map.

Autofill Information

Eliminate guesswork and data entry errors. Autofill information like customer details, equipment details and more by easily uploading your customer file.

Scan Barcodes

Use your device's camera to capture barcode data eliminating the need to copy serial numbers and other information.

Liftspec scanning ALI gold label barcodes

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