Refund Policy

January 20, 2018

Mass EQS and its staff work directly with our clients to determine an appropriate solution to any problem that may arise in relation to our services and Mass EQS Customers can choose to, at their discretion, cancel or terminate their account with the LiftSpec Service.

Monthly & Annual Subscriptions

To cancel your unlimited subscriptions, follow these instructions to complete your cancellation.

Mass EQS will gladly stop unlimited subscriptions billing for services provided directly by Mass EQS this will be done upon receipt of written notice (via email) requesting cancellation.

If you sign up for a recurring monthly, annual or semi-annual service and request the service to be canceled, your account will no longer be re-billed starting with the date of your notification. Your service will still be active until the renewal date, at which time the account will be canceled and deleted from our system. Mass EQS will promptly refund any charges made if your request was placed before your re-bill date and your account was still charged.