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Michael OliveiraProLift Solutions Inc. Toronto, ON
We were swamped with paper and didn't know what to do. We tried keeping it clean and organized but knew we needed something more. The moment we started using Liftspec, we noticed a major improvement. We stopped searching through drawers looking for reports, we now have everything online and at our fingertips when a customer calls. Pictures help with quoting repairs and ordering the correct parts. Our customers immediately liked not having to sign 30+ inspection reports. We are now rocking and taking on more work then every before. I no longer worry about paperwork and am one step closer to building the most professional service company in Ontario.

Liftspec user since June 2017

In the Office

Stop chasing inspectors, trying to read messy handwriting or looking for lost pages. Get instant access to reports and focus on your customer. Find out more....

Liftspec user since 2018

Laura J ZwickExpert Auto Equipment, Las Vegas, NV
We had a problem keeping paperwork, sending customers messy handwriting and not having accurate information to address the equipment issue. I was frustrated ...
Laura J ZwickExpert Auto Equipment, Las Vegas, NV
We had a problem keeping paperwork, sending customers messy handwriting and not having accurate information to address the equipment issue. I was frustrated not having service details on hand and continuously having to go back to the techs for more details. With Liftspec, I am now able to see first hand with pictures and videos of every service call. Sending reports with pictures to owners and managers who aren't always at the location is amazing. We are not spending time on useless paperwork anymore. We are busier than ever and moving to a new 7000 sq.ft location, taking on larger dealerships and expanded our coverage to parts of Utah and Arizona.

Liftspec user since Jan 2018

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Liftspec can benefit automotive shop owners and managers too.

As a shop owner, you may come across an automotive lift inspection company that uses Liftspec. If you’re not sure what this is or how it benefits you, please take a minute to read this blog. What is Liftspec? Liftspec is a digital document solution specially designed for automotive lift inspectors. Liftspec, enables lift inspectors
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Why should I add images to my automotive lift inspection?

Adding images to your automotive lift inspection can Help your customer understand the failure. Help your customer make a service or maintenance decision. Help when ordering parts. Help in marketing and training videos. Puts you apart from the competition.
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When should I automate my automotive lift inspection reporting?

“I’m an ALI Certified automotive lift inspector and I’m just not sure about automation at this time.” There is no doubt the world has changed in 2020. Businesses are struggling, unemployment is high and people are uncertain about the future. But with every economic downturn there are lessons to be learned and opportunities to be
Time Saving

Inspection items grouped in sections to improve data input time.

Integrated Dispatching

Prefill forms and push to inspector inboxes with messages and due dates.

Add Images

Capture multiple images, add markups and comments.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage of inspection and service data for a minimum of 7 years.

Offline Data Capture

Collect inspection data in remote locations even without an internet connection.


Reliable multi-user architecture. Manage user profiles and roles.

GPS Tagging

GPS tagged signatures added to google maps on final report.

Electronic Signatures

Single inspector and customer sign-off per inspection. GPS, date/time tagging.

Enhanced Support

Extended support hours to cover Eastern and Pacific Time Zones.


All forms and reports can be customized to your needs and requirements.

Unlimited Inspections

Subform design allows unlimited lifts per report with simple on-site summary.

Instant Reporting

Reports compiled automatically and shared through web link via email.